Main goals:

  • Create a network of local, regional or national geonodes in order to deliver a Mediterranean and Black Sea harmonised sets of data accesible through an Internet viewer
  • Support the Pegaso Shared Governance Platform for the delivery of Integrated Coastal Zone Management, and the integrated assessments of coastal zones and marine areas in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.
  • Support integration of knowledge and information needed for equitable and sustainable management of the coastal zone
  • Support multiscale demostration activities in 10 Collaborative Application SitES (CASES) within the Mediterranean (7) and Black Sea (3) in order to test and validate ICZM tools & services developed under the Pegaso Toolbox
  • Allow partners to apply sustainability assessment tools aimed at a better informed decision-making at all levels.


The benefits of a SDI for coastal management are obvious:

  •  It allows the downloading of relevant data for more detailed local analysis by a simple Geographic Information System (GIS) manipulation. The geospatial tool can assist in identifying ideal or potential locations for new projects in the coastal area.
  • It offers a mean to discover, visualize, and evaluate the existing coastal information for different purposes, and finally provide access to the raw data.
  • The SDI nodes (i.e. information providers) can be integrated with other local SDIs through standard services and thus significantly enlarge the capacity to access available geographical information.
  • It allows better coordination across organizations, joining together land and sea management bodies and reducing the costs of delivery.
  • It allows managers and decision makers to create and evaluate different policy scenarios for coastal zone management by examining the effects of different coastal activities in relation to policy targets.
  • In certain circumstances, it can help visualize the consequences of different management approaches on coastal processes such as erosion, floods or other associated risks. Maps may be generated in support of disaster prevention efforts and response to emergencies.


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