Guria Coastal Region case - Tskaltsminda Community GIS Atlas

Integrated Plan for Sustainable Development of Tskaltsminda Coastal Community – a small settlement located in Guria Region along the Black Sea coast of Georgia – was developed earlier with EuropeAid project support, attempting to address through coordinated action planning the main challenges and opportunities of this local stretch of the coastal zone. The challenges encompass broken municipal infrastructure, limited possibility to upgrade professional skills, or erosion of the beach. Opportunities on the other hand stem from the fact that the village population has an advanced level of education, has innovative ideas and can make use of its close neighbourhood to the Kolkheti National Park, the city of Poti or the tourism centre of Ureki. The maps produced show how the land is used today, highlight where the ecologically valuable areas are located, and propose different zones for future development. The plan, approved in 2009 by local municipal council, can be accessed at the link indicated above.

PEGASO project provided Atlas capability for SDI dissemination of the GIS layers created earlier for this small community in Guria Coastal Region case in Georgia. In addition to this, a simple spatially explicit colour-coded indicator map was created, demonstrating artificialisation and development pressures against the natural capital in the coastal zone.

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