Split feature

At 10/07/2013 the SDI developer team added a new feature to the map viewer.

This tool can be very useful for map comparison when you visualize at the same time two spatial datasets corresponding to different temporal series or when you want to visualize the same spatial information but at different locations. The access of this implemented functionality in this control is the same as the remaining map controls from the toolbar. 

By clicking in the Split Map button,



the central map layout is initially divided into two similar map with the same context.






The same button can be toggled to recover the initial situation of one rendered map. By default, the left map is the map actived and rounded with a red-squared box. The map legend and layer tree controls reflect the context of the active map and are listening from changes by users. Additionally, the search engine and catalog connector will be properly working for the active map by giving searched locations direclty on the map and by giving the possibility to add spatial dataset associated to the searched metadata.


You can activate your desired  map by cliking in the map container in the layout. During you work session, you could modify the zoom level or the map extent for your active map. Despite the fact that only one map is active at a given time, the control includes a button that allows you to synchronize or not both maps. When this toggle button is on, both maps change both extent and zoom parameters at the same time. If initial extent and zoom parameters are different, not active map is dynamically centered in the active map extent.











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