Source code in github

Published on Monday, 15 July 2013 14:44

Pegaso development team is committed with free software in general and particularly with the availability of source code for projects funded with pubic money. For this reason, the source code of our Map Viewer component is available on GitHub.


GitHub is a hosting service for development projects using the Git revision control system. From the beginning of the development, Pegaso SDI team had already made public project-related partners all the client-side javascript code to download or ocasionally software developers to collaborate by adding extra functionality. 

Here you can see how to download the code from our github account to make a ready installation of Pegaso Map Viewer deployed on your own server.

Note that the Catalog component of Pegaso SDI is based on Geonetwork software, which is also an open source project whose code can be downloaded from the Geonetwork website.