ArcGIS connection

This is a mini tutorial about connection to Pegaso SDI with the WMS client included in the popular ArcMap software. This guide is quite similar for other WMS clients like gvSIG or QuantumGIS and it will change the user interface and additional implemented functionalities. In all these cases, we have to provide in the connection parameters (URL, WMS version) into the corresponding GUI form; eventually credentials (user & password) should be written down if authentication is required by data provider.


The procedure in ArcMap would be as follows:


From ArcCatalog window expand GIS Servers node and click in Add WMS Server.



In the dialog form we have to fill in with connection parameters as explained in Services section. We need to complete the provided information and by cliking Get Layers button we can explore the root node as WMS service and expanded child nodes as all published layers in the Pegaso server. By selecting those items we can get details about associated service metadata (Name, version, Abstract) as well as associated dataset metadata (Name, Abstract, Scales, Extent, SRS and so on).



At  this stage we have a created WMS connection to be managed by ArcMap software. The procedure to add published layers is as it is normally done in ArcGIS. By cliking Add Data, selecting the name of the created WMS service




and selecting the name of the desired layer




Right now, ArcMap render the map image on the canvas area as WMS client.





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