QGIS connection

This is a mini tutorial about connection to Pegaso SDI with the WMS client that is included in QuantumGIS software, one of the most-used open-source GIS Desktop. From the top toolbar we click in the Add WMS Layer button and a GUI form is displayed to type our WMS connection parameters. QGIS allows you to save a connection if you are planning to connect later or in different sessions.


By clicking in the Add button, we will create a new WMS connection.



WMS connection has been created and loaded in the combo box. We can manage it by editing or deleting.



 Right now, we could connect to Pegaso WMS server. QGIS is able to parse the sent response (capabilities document) and display relevant fields from the map service, namely, name of the map service and published layers, given titles and descriptions. Additionally, detected image format and projection system


We could select a desired layer to display and by clicking in the Add button, the layer is rendered in the canvas.
























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