All technologies employed in the development and implementation of Pegaso SDI are open source. Pegaso SDI is a data infrastructure composed of a stack of technologies both in the server and client side.

In the server side, we made a implementation of a OGC-compliant server that delivers map (WMS), geometric features (WFS) and coverages (WCS) on demand. We choose the leading MapServer because of its speed and reliability.



Moreover, we have deployed a GeoNetwork catalog server that implements OGC CSW protocol and ISO 19139 standards.. This Java-based software has turned out to be a powerful tool with a graphic interface to manage metadata associated to the spatial datasets, to create different user profiles and to visualize map images for published metadata. Moreover, it implements a powerful distributed search and harvesting engine across different catalogs implementing other protocols (OAI-MPH, ...).



GeoNetwork is a Java servlet running on a servlet container called Apache Tomcat. This Java application server is connected to the most popular open source web server, Apache httpd.



All metadata managed by GeoNetwork are stored in a spatial-enabled database. Our election was PostgreSQL with its spatial extension PostGIS



On the client-side we have developed a user interface that renders map images and geometric features in a modern browser. All libraries support cross-browser, are written in Javascript and implement AJAX technology, releasing server load: OpenLayers, ExtJS and GeoExt.

OpenLayers has been the most common open-source framework to display map from different WMS servers to create authentic mash-ups. It contains a bunch of map controls to create interactive map, enhancing the user experience and it supports a great variety of OGC and Web 2.0 standards such as SVG, XML, GML, GeoJSON, GeoRSS and OGC Filter, for instance.

ExtJS is a Javascript framework that allows you create desktop-like web applications with nice and interactive widgets. Together with OpenLayers and ExtJS, we have implemented some widgets with the GeoExt library, that combine graphic toolsets and widgets, customized stores connecting to WMS/WFS servers and so on.  









All the source code can be download and easily installed from the public available Git repository.


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